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Ziplist – Keeping Your Recipes In Order


The working class may not know this but shopping for groceries and looking for recipes can be a tiring task. It is almost as tiring as working as a CEO in a large company. Recognizing the significantly difficult task of keeping everything together, Ziplist was launched about two years ago with the aim of making homemakers’ lives easier with their phone application.


With the application, sharing, discovering and keeping recipes and shopping lists became easier. It has only been two years but it seems that the company is doing rather well, getting a lot of support from mobile phone users. The CEO of the company even said that there are so many advantages to using Ziplist to using search engines when searching for recipes. Homemakers also get to store, share, edit and them clear the items off when the items are bought. 


Ziplist hit the news again and this time, it was announced that the company will include a new way to share their recipes…which is, yes, you’ve guessed it, with a QR Code. 


Users of the application can choose the option to create a QR Code automatically on their blogs or through the application so that others can scan the QR Code with their smartphones and is immediately taken to the recipe or list concerned. 


This, apparently, will save shoppers time whenever they are not in front of their computer, and instead, is in the kitchen or offline. The idea is novel and original at this point in time because as far as my radar can see, there aren’t any other similar app developers who have come up with something like this. 


I completely welcome the idea of using this application for the purpose of keeping recipes and shopping lists together. Keeping the home well-run is always an undermined task, as opposed to bringing home the bread and being in the working community. 


Let’s hope more application developers in the future see the amazing things that a seemingly simple QR Code can do and start to introduce the technology into their applications in the near future. 


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