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Young Singaporean Entrepreneurs Explore Toting QR Codes

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It takes young people with an urge to learn things at an in-depth level, the willingness to make mistakes and the desire to make money to come up with fresh new ideas. In Singapore, we are seeing this through four young students from the Design Entrepreneurship Center at NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic), quite a reputable learning center in the small island country.

Being tech-savvy and possessing the urge to find new ways to make some pocket money (and hopefully much later on in their lives), they explored the idea of printing out ads on tote bags which they will distribute to the general public for free.

Instead of designing unique tote bags, the four came up with the idea of printing ‘rented-out space’ on the tote bags for approximately SGD1000 each and there are nine spaces on each of the bags. So far, their bid is considered rather successful because they managed to produce about four thousand and two hundred bags which were distributed during a tradeshow.

This may not sound like much to us because we are so used to seeing company logos on free tote bags all the time. We see it during exhibitions, in the supermarket or even outside malls. But the usual bags carry ONE company’s logo and their propaganda to solicit business from you is sometimes a big turn off. The common branding practice is, some people may argue, getting a little old. It was revealed in a study that consumers are not compelled to act upon seeing logos of brands and companies.

What is different about the multi-ad tote bags is that it doesn’t take sides, which gives consumers the impression that there is also no side to take. No one is trying to dupe anyone into anything; therefore, they might feel safer and more compelled to act.

The second good point about the effort is that it contains QR Codes which is interesting and is a great way for brands to communicate with the general consumers over the internet. The first round of tote bags was distributed around Marina Bay Sands Gift Shop and Stationary show which was held on Aug 17, 2012. The organizers of the show boasted of nearly nine thousand people from all walks of life and other corners of the world.

The students aim to distribute a similar number of bags (if not more) during Children’s Day. Here’s to their success!

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  1. Juraimi September 25, 2012, 4:28 pm

    Hi Sir,

    A very good day to you.

    First of all, let me start a little introduction, im currently werking in a small based company but are handling a numerous items such as spare parts and machines. These items are used locally in repairing n upgrading of items, is there such qr codes
    system that could generate a main tracking system as well as records of history, locations, invoices incurring based on, “on the spot” repairing and upgrading? Such system is a need as of now, we hardly have any hardbase records of all our machines.
    P.s. We’re in a coffee machines servicing n technical department.

    Thank you very much for taking some time to read on my enquieries, hope to hear from you guys soon.
    A proposal for my company would mean alot in securing my future in the company.

    Thank you,
    Yours Sincerely.

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