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Youku Now Uses a QR Code for Their Videos


Youku has just added quick response codes to every video it has on its site. Youku, for those who are not familiar, is the Chinese equivalent of YouTube. And it is the top video sharing site in the Asian county.

Scanning the QR code allows you to watch a video on your mobile phone, so you do not have to stop watching like you need to when you leave your desktop. This will also make it easier for you to save videos for viewing later while you are on the road or when you are someplace else outside your home.

This Youku QR code is a fairly simple addition, but it is very useful. Instead of having to remember the URL of the video, or even having to search for it all over again, you can just scan the QR code and the video will be loaded into your smartphone or tablet.

If you have the Youku app on your smartphone, you can also launch the video on this app as well.

Youku uses HTML5 for its mobile site, so even if you have older smartphones, you would have no problem as long as you have a browser that is capable of displaying HTML5. Before, there was a problem with mobile phones that were not able to play flash files. Not with Youku!

Why is this important? It is because in China, there are more people who are using their mobile devices to browse the Internet. In fact, Youku has found out that as much as 15 percent of its traffic comes from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It expects that number to increase rather quickly. So this is not only a feature that Youku has thought of adding, but something that would help ensure the video sharing site’s continued popularity.

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