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Yet Another Online Finding Service Uses QR Codes


A year or so ago, BeQRious came up with a way to find your lost belongings via a QR code. Using the free QR code generator we have, you can create a QR code that, when scanned, would allow people to call you or locate your address to return your belonging.

Just recently, we reported about a new service called Belon.gs that took the high tech lost-and-found idea we had to another level.

Now we have FinderCodes, a similar service that uses QR codes to get lost items back to their owners.

FinderCodes comes in a kit worth less than $25. Each kit has seven to ten tags. These tags may be key chains or stickers or even iron-on tags that you can use to tag your valuable items.

The different types of tags make it perfect for just about different types of items. For example, you can use the keychain tags for your keys or bag, then you can use the stickers for books, smartphones and laptops. You can use the iron-on tags for clothes and fabrics such as a laptop sleeve or smartphone case.

FinderCodes does not share any information. The QR codes, when scanned, will send you an e-mail where and when the scan was made. It does not give out your address, unless you give it out to have the item returned to you.

What makes FinderCodes different is that it has score tie ups with big retailers such as Office Depot and FedEx. There are no monthly fees too, and you do not have to activate the codes and have it reported as lost.

Lastly, you can change your contact information at any time, without having to change your FinderCodes tags. This means that you can move out of state and have your contact address updated.

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