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Yahoo Tries to Lure Back Users with Mobile Apps


It would seem that a lot of people have already written off Yahoo and have gone on to use products from other brands. For example, people who previously used Yahoo for their Internet search needs are Googling instead.

Yahoo sure has missed out on a lot of things.

With new management, however, the company is trying to get back into the game. Its new thrust is to win back its users with the help of two new mobile apps.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said as much when the company recently had its earnings call for the first quarter.

It is a tough call, but it seems that Yahoo is bent on pursuing the mobile apps angle.

What are these mobile apps?

1. Mail App

Probably one of the only few segments that is still solid for Yahoo is its Web mail service. A lot of people chose to hold on to their Yahoo Mail accounts even with the entry of Gmail, Microsoft Live and other free Web mail services. One of the two new apps introduced last week is the new Mail apps that would allow users to flip through their e-mails, like they would do so on Flipboard. They can also delete, move and star e-mails easily. Yahoo said that they want people to have more fun with their e-mails, while also making it faster and easier.

2. Weather

The improved weather app would not only give you accurate weather information, but you will also have the chance to see user-submitted photos of places near where you are. These photos will be sourced from Flickr.

All in all, Yahoo promises a better experience with its mobile apps. Both of these are designed for smartphones and tablets, and will provide stunning visuals as well as a user-centric experience.

Yahoo’s move affirms just how powerful mobile apps are in helping a company with its marketing and operations. Done and planned right, mobile apps could easily help your business retain its customers, as well as get new ones. Talk to us today to find out just how easy it is to create a mobile app for your business!

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