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Yahoo Ties Apps with Mobile and QR Codes in New App Search Service


Yahoo has just launched an app search service that ties together Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, along with other app developers not found on these two giant app marketplaces.

There are plans to include PC apps into the platform, but for now, only mobile apps are available.

What’s great with Yahoo’s new service is that it gives you an all in one browsing place for all your app needs.  It shows you the top free, paid and highest rated apps for your smartphone along with the price, star rating and the number of raters.  Clicking on an app name, you will be taken to an information page that gives you the description, developer, category and allows you to rate and review the app for yourself.

The new service also consolidates reviews from other places, so in time when more and more users are using Yahoo instead of their official app store, you could get a better idea as to how other people like or dislike the app.

Yahoo also pulled out all stops in making it convenient to download your apps.  When you decide to download and install the app, it gives you three options:

1. You can send the app to your phone.  You will be asked to enter your mobile number and Yahoo will send you a SMS message with a link to the app.  Download the app by tapping on the link.

2. Download from the official App Store or Android Market.  Yahoo provides a link that goes straight to the app’s page on the App Store or Android Market.

3. Scan a QR code.  Lastly, Yahoo includes a QR code to make it easy for you to download your app, just fire up your QR code scanner and snap the QR code and you’re on your way to your app installation!

Yahoo had earlier launched their own recommendation app, Yahoo! AppSpot.  It basically works just like any other recommendation app that shows you apps that you may want to download, and even recommends new and upcoming apps for you to download.  This on top of combining all the information you need to know which apps are good and which are not.  Yahoo App Search allows you to see the apps’ descriptions, prices, star ratings and even screenshots.

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