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XBox Inclusion of QR Code For Redemption of Purchases


Xbox One remains to be one of the few leading video game console game there is in the market today despite fierce competition from the likes of Nintendo and Sony. In fact, we have a feeling that Microsoft is going all the way in order to up the ante on its competitors. XBox One is an updated video game console to be added to the family of Xboxes. The launch and introduction of this new ‘family’ member is highly anticipated since the announcement was made in May 21, 2013 that the consoles will hit the market in November 2013.

From the date of the announcement to the actual date of release, there are (as usual) leaked news, reports and news flash being made…hey, this is how they keep gamers on their toes. Without the suspense, there wouldn’t be people talking and reporting about it. It is the very suspense that justifies the hiked up initial prices. In the meantime, XBox will be in direct competition with Sony’ Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Apart from the news that XBox One will also, kinda, rival Apple TV and Google TV because it is an ‘all in entertainment system’, we heard that there is also something juicier heading our way.

From the grapevine, it was reported that Microsoft intends to include in the new XBox One something that is simple enough and yet get tech lovers all excited…instead of having to laboriously enter a 25 digit code in order to redeem their purchases through the internet, Microsoft is set to bring it down to the bare minimum….by scanning a QR Code instead of entering the whole 25 digit itself!

It makes perfect sense to me because…the maximum number of digits I am willing to enter when I want to redeem something that is already rightfully mine is 8 digits. Well, I would stretch it to 14 digits if push comes to shove but 25 digits is confusing, laborious, troublesome and takes way too much time.

Is it all just rumor from the rumor mill? Based on what is gathered from releases and statements made via various sources, it seems that the inclusion of QR Code has been ‘confirmed’ by Marc Whitten, XBox’s Corporate Vice President. It all began with a user posting a suggestion to do away with the 25 digit key-in action on Reddit. Someone obviously picked that up on the internet and included it into the new line of XBox One.

Sometimes, we have got to love the internet.

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