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Windows Phone Suffers from Lack of Apps


Probably the reason why Apple’s iPhone and Android devices are very dominant nowadays is because there is a very active app developer community backing them up. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Android, you can be sure that there is an app available for everything you need.

Windows Phone is currently suffering from a dearth of app developers for the mobile operating system. The thing is, you cannot attract users without the apps and you would find it difficult to attract developers without a strong user base.

So what does Microsoft do?

Microsoft started repackaging popular Web sites into apps. These mobile apps are nothing more than just mobile versions of popular Web sites such as J. Crew and TMZ. Microsoft says that the move is just to help people get better experiences with Windows Phone. They can pin these “apps” to their app list.

However, we wonder if this is nothing but a sorry attempt to get app developers to notice Windows Phone. We ask because ultimately these apps do nothing but to provide easy access to these sites, which you could do by using bookmarks or inputting the URL into a browser. Microsoft did not add functionality to these apps.

And it does seem that app developers are largely ignoring Windows Phone. There are a lot of popular apps that have an Android and iOS version, but are not available on Windows Phone. Microsoft has even tried bribing, uhm, offering cash payments to developers who develop apps for them. They have also held contests and competitions.

This approach is certainly nothing new. Apple did the same when iPhone was rather new to the market in 2008.

We also wonder why Microsoft does not put its resources towards app development. This way, it could still compete with the App Store and Google Play, and hopefully draw more users to the OS!

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