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Will Aestheticodes Beat QR Codes?


Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things where everyday objects can communicate with each other and with humans. QR codes are part of the many technologies that make up the Internet of Things.

And there have been a couple of technologies that come out that wants to be the next QR code. For example, image recognition technology, audio codes, SnapTags, and other similar technologies have all come out to try to put QR codes out of business.

There is another technology that aims to replace QR codes. Created by researchers at the University of Nottingham, they are called Aestheticodes.

Aestheticodes will allow you to access digital content with your smartphones, tablets and mobile devices, only that instead of pixels you get to use really beautiful images. So brands could use Aestheticodes to give their customers a way to interact with their packaging and all that.

Why Aestheticodes is not a good enough idea to beat QR codes

Aestheticodes might be a good idea in that it gives you a natural way to interact with your customers. You no longer need to use a QR code that may not be compatible with your branding or the images you used in your packaging. But it suffers from the same weaknesses that other technologies before it suffer from.

For one, you need to download yet another app to “read” it. Granted that it is simple enough to do, we just do not see why anybody would do so just to use the app once or twice. For another, it is not that easy to generate. With QR codes, you can create your own in just a minute or less. Aestheticodes need to be programmed. This gives rise to a third block for Aestheticodes, you need to pay to use it. In fact, you would need to work with the Aestheticodes company to use them. QR codes are free to generate and use.

With the rise of customized QR codes, you can now spice up a traditional black and white QR code. You can use your brand’s colors, put in images and all that. There is no reason to complain about how plain your QR code looks and how it does not jive with your brand. So why look at other technologies when QR codes can easily do what you want to do?

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