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Wildwood Aviation Museum Offers New QR Code Tour Guides


The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum has new tour guides in its premises: QR codes.

The museum has recently announced that they have finished putting up the QR codes in various strategic locations all around their location.

When scanned, these QR codes provided background information on its various exhibits as well as more information about the museum itself.

The Museum often has interactive displays that make their exhibits even more interesting to visitors. They have 26 aircrafts and a lot of military memorabilia, photographs and engines, among others. Now with the QR codes, they are able to make these more interesting.

This is the first time that an aviation museum such as Wildwood Aviation Museum has implemented such as initiative. It is not surprising, however, as the Museum has always been using technology to enhance its displays and exhibits.

The use of QR codes in museums is not new, however.

For example, the Fort Wayne Art Museum uses QR codes to give more information about the artworks they feature as well as the artist behind them. If you find a certain artwork interesting, you could scan the QR code displayed next to it and you will learn about the artist, his or her biographical information, as well as important aspects of his or her life that could influence the artwork.

We have also reported on the first time that QR codes debuted in museums. Museum Urk in the Netherlands holds the distinction as being the first museum to use QR codes for its exhibits.

The good thing about QR codes is that it can give more information about the exhibit without needing too much space. In addition, it is not just limited to just text, but you can also add audio and video to make your presentation even more interesting and easier to understand.

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