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Why You Should Market Using Mobile Phone Apps



Apps are a way to market your products and services?  Why not?  Apps are a great way to tap a wide spectrum of users and potential customers.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Some facts:

According to MobiThinking.com, there are currently 5.3 billion mobile users worldwide, effectively cornering 77% of the world population.  The report also showed that mobile phone sales increased in 2010, with smartphones paving much of that rise.

What’s more, a typical smartphone user downloads around 490 to 580 megabytes of data each month.

In fact, another study cited by The Guardian showed that people are now spending more time  using mobile apps thant they are on the Web.  The study conducted by Flurry Analytics and comScore showed that people were spending 81 minutes on mobile apps, while people only spent 74 minutes on the Web.

Taken together, different apps have been downloaded a total of 10.9 billion times, and this trend will continue to rise until 2013.


That means that creating an app for your business, products and services would bring you in front of 5.3 billion people worldwide.  

As people around the world get more and more mobile, shouldn’t you be where they are?  We’re not saying that you should eschew traditional forms of marketing and even Web ads.  These media have proven successful in marketing.  But in order not to miss out and to have a well-rounded marketing campaign, you should also add mobile marketing into the mix.

Apps are a smart way to do this.

People are downloading them and using them.  As such, you would have brand recognition and recall.  Plus you build up goodwill if you provide a very useful app.

But more importantly, you get to be seen where your potential customers are looking.  Your future customers literally have you in their hands.  So if they need your products or services, it is easy for them to find you.


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