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Why You Should Have a Mobile Marketing Strategy


Mobile marketing provides an interactive and engaging way to bring your products and services to your customers and prospects. But as with everything new in the world of marketing and in the world of technology, mobile marketing is sometimes criticized as a passing fad.

But is it?

The rise of tablets and smartphones have made mobile an everyday word. In fact there are currently an estimated 5 billion mobile devices in use all around the world. Plus, a lot of studies are showing that people are now using their mobile devices more than their PCs, even when they are browsing the Web, updating their Facebook status messages or checking into a Foursquare venue.

The greatest thing about mobile marketing is that it is fairly easy to implement. While Disney, Toyota and other big brands are seeing media coverage for their mobile efforts, you could use tools such as Google Place and Bing Business Portal to get a presence on the mobile Web. Or you could get a mobile site up and running in no time.

But the biggest indicator that mobile marketing is not just a fad is the way it changes consumer behavior. More and more we are seeing the rise of QR codes and other similar technologies that help people get more information about your products and services on their phones. People are using their mobile devices to get comparison shopping information, social recommendations and even learn more about a product before they buy.

It is clear that mobile marketing has a place in the way you communicate with your customers. Think of it as a fad, and prepare to lose out.

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