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Why the iPhone 5 loses Out to Samsung Galaxy S4


Apple’s iPhone has a loyal following among consumers in the United States. And why not, it was the first smartphone to really catch our attention and with every new feature that is released in subsequent iPhones, it was difficult to look at anything else and find a smartphone that would compare.

Until recently when Samsung came out with its Galaxy S4.

Here are some of the reasons why you might be snubbing the iPhone 5 and choose a Galaxy S4 instead:

Near-field communication. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with NFC, the technology that was developed to handle the next generation of mobile payments that is backed by no less than Google, a host of the biggest financial institutions, payment companies and telecoms. You can just tap your Galaxy S4 and pay for your purchases, share files or play your music on NFC-enabled speakers.

Wi-Fi sharing. S4 allows you to share your photos over Wi-Fi, something that the latest iPhone just cannot do.

Group Cast. Group Cast is a business application that can help you control presentations, documents and files using your S4.

Tilt to Zoom. If you want to take a closer look at something, you only have to tilt it, which is much easier to do than pinching.

Palm Swipe Capture. If you want to take screenshots with your S4, forget about holding down two different buttons at the same time to do it. Instead just put your palm over the screen and the smartphone will take a screenshot for you.

Direct Call. Have you ever started writing a text and midway through, you realized that a text message is not enough for what you are about to say? Well, just hold your phone over your ear and it will automatically dial that person’s number.

Samsung has included several other features that would make it easier to use your S4 over the iPhone such as shaking it to update your apps, merely turning it over to mute an incoming call, putting your palm over the screen to mute any playing music, or the Smart Stay that keeps your backlight always on when you are in places with bright lights.

Do you think it is time to switch?

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