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Why Should Your QR Codes Be Boring?


Think of how you want people to remember your products. 

Is boring one of the adjectives that come to mind?

Certainly not.  As with most business owners, you would want people to think about your products and services as cutting-edge, exciting and fresh. 


Let’s take it further.  If you are going to a party and you only have two t-shirts in your closet, which one would you wear?  One with a design like this:

or the other with a design like this:

Congruent design

Customized QR codes not only allow you to break away from the boring and get more spunk for your QR codes.  It also allows for congruence in your designs.

It does not stop with just colors.  You can translate specific product attributes like this sleek and shiny QR code for the Mercedes Benz:

Of the fun of an alcoholoic drink:

Stronger Brand

This brings us to the discussion about brands.  Having a strong brand is vital to businesses in this era of intense competition.  Being generic will not give you an edge, and will entail a lot of problems.  Even search results are influenced by how strong your particular brand is.
And there is no way to get a strong brand than by being consistent.  From being consistent in the way you produce your products, to relating with your customers, to simple things as using your company letterhead, using your logo on your website, and even using your brand colors on your marketing collaterals.
Great examples of customized QR codes that help strengthen the company’s brands:


This QR code not only makes use of the Tesco colors (red and blue) but also features the company’s logo prominently in the center.


Making use of the company’s image of youthfullness, along with the standard button marks of a Playstation controller.


Not only making use of great imagery and the company logo, this QR code actually takes the product and makes it a part of the code itself.

Why customized QR codes are important now.

With more and more companies using QR codes nowadays, it is always a good idea to get something that would attract your own customers.  Being boring just would not cut it.  You have to differentiate your QR code to entice people to scan it.  Plus it helps to give you a strong brand.

Get the experts in QR code marketing and the best graphic designers for your own customized QR codes campaign!

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  1. Sophia Wu December 4, 2011, 4:37 am

    Hi, I’d like to get a customised QR code. Could you please advise if this is what you can do? Many thanks

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