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Why QR Codes Is Here To Stay


The IT industry is such that one can never be complacent with development nor can one claim that he knows everything there is to know because the IT and mobile phone industry is an ever-changing, growing and improving one. The moment you are comfortably positioned, things change.

The same can be said for those who works in the internet advertising arena. Now that search engine marketing is a term that most people has heard of or have used, something else pops up. Initially, it was merely in the form of SMS marketing where companies bought off bulk of phone numbers and send business-soliciting SMSes to people who may and may not be interested in their products or services. The exportation of the QR Code technology changes how the mobile phone is used.

The most important change in recent years is this: people no longer snub their noses at using the internet as a marketing platform. People understand the importance of reaching across the globe with a website, a blog, a Facebook account. More so now that with QR Codes, the line between our online world and offline one is blurred beyond recognition.

All thanks to QR Codes and smart phones. Now, people can browse the internet with their mobile phones, they can update their Facebook status message, they can surf around the internet for reviews of a car they intend to purchase, they can tweet their whereabouts…etc. You get the picture. The reason why QR Codes will not become a thing of yesterday is because everyone continues to need the internet for one reason or another, be it for personal or professional reasons. And everyone need their mobile phones. Hence, the need for a link between the two: QR Codes.

Suffice to say that there will most certainly be something new in the future but our guess is that it will be a modernized or improvisation of the QR Code. It could be the way it is used but the core functionality and basic foundation will continue to like in the QR Code technology.

If you are an advertiser and have been looking for a way to market yourself on the internet using mobile technology, why not pack yourself up with knowledge and information about how the QR Code works.

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