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Why QR Code Technology Is Gaining Speed In Popularity


When the Japanese first launched and used it, the rest of the world had no idea how enticing yet simple QR Codes can be. What looked to be so boring and uninteresting is now one of the coolest mobile phone applications in the world today!

Some people, however, may continue to scoff and wonder what is so absorbing about QR Codes. After all, it looks just like a…well, barcode and barcodes, as we all know, is as interesting as a crack on a wall.

This is, experts have to agree, really something different. It might not have been so interesting a decade back, but now that almost everyone’s into technology, consumerism, information, and socializing via the internet, QR Codes has now morphed from ‘Geek’ to ‘Cool’.

Another reason why QR Codes is cool is this – it is free of charge. Creating a QR Code is free of charge. Using it is free of charge and to create a mobile page is also free of charge. Now, tell me, what is there not to love about it? If it could propel a brand, a business, a product or service into the next level of popularity and it is free to use, there is really nothing to lose.

One might undermine the ability of QR Code at first glance. But because it looks so unassuming, it provides much room for creativity for creative individuals. We just read about someone who carved a QR Code on a pumpkin for Halloween.

It might take some time for common folks to come to terms with how simple and complex QR Code technology is but it is only a matter of time that people see and understand the limitless possibilities that QR Codes provides us. Linking to images, websites, media files, download links, online social networking sites, automatic text message sending, name cards, blog URL, website URL…they can all be embedded into a QR Code.

Consumers today is all about connectivity and instant information. We live in a very impatient world, hence, connectivity via QR Code makes perfect sense…especially when a world of information is, literally, readily available to them in the palm of their hands.

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