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Why QR Code Set To Be The New Internet


QRme.co.uk is done with beta testing for their new QR code management system and this time round, we have a feeling that it would be launched any time soon. The new system enables mobile phone users to conglomerate their QR codes together and allows it to be grouped together for better management and searching.

The reason why we highlight this is to let our readers know how important QR Code has become and how it will change the future of mobile phone users and perhaps even the way most of us live our lives, find information, advertise and market our products, services or brands. Soon, there will be criss-crossing methods involving the internet and mobile phones through QR Codes and this is where the personal computer or even lap tops is rendered secondary to the mobile phone.

This is a whole new revolution that we’re talking about. As the big brand names picks up on the QR Code marketing trail with advertising campaigns, smaller companies will also start to position themselves with QR Codes. And all this for a very simple reason…the number of mobile phone users continues to grow all over the world. At this point in time, the QR Code mobile marketing budget is set for more or less a billion dollars and experts predict that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

China’s a big market….a HUGE market. At a recently conducted survey, it was found that there are six hundred million people in China who are using mobile phones and that is only forty-five percent of their population. Imagine what the numbers will be like when people in China start owning more than one mobile phone! In the United States, there are approximately two-hundred-and-sixty million mobile phone users and it’s already eighty-five percent of the population which means the number of mobile phone users in the country will remain more or less the same within the next five or ten years. In Italy, there are seventy-one million mobile phones out there and it accounts for one-hundred-and-twenty percent of their population. This means that there are twenty percent of people out there in Italy who owns and uses more than just one mobile phone.

As can be clearly seen, more people, in the future, will have more use for the mobile phone. And advertisers see an incredible future in QR Code advertising because it’s simple and yet extremely interactive. Google has positioned itself in such a way that they are already at the starting line well before other companies realize what is going on. How so? Well, for one, Google’s got a software stack for mobile devices, that’s why!

Instead of being bound by a laptop or a personal computer, the new advertising space will move everywhere and anywhere right along with the mobile phone users. And QR Code marketing is touted to be the next internet marketing space for just about any company or person…make no mistake about it.

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