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Wholesum Harvest Uses Customized QR Codes


Everyone of us wants to make healthy food decisions. This is especially true now that we are more aware what unhealthy food can do to our bodies. We have seen a lot of food companies that are using QR codes to help their consumers get more information to make informed decisions about the food that they buy.

The latest one is Wholesum Family Farms. The company has put up QR codes on their Wholesum Harvest products and will take consumers to a special mobile Web site.

The mobile Web site has tons of information about their products, as well as links to the main Wholesum Family Farms Web site, their Facebook page and Twitter account. It also lists the company’s contact information.

Wholesum sales manager Steve Le Fevre says that they came out with the campaign because consumers nowadays rely on their mobile phones to get more information about certain people, brands, products and services. They also use this to access their social media accounts. With the QR codes, they made it easier for people to access the information they want to offer.

Le Fevre adds that they hope that the custom QR code campaign will help drive more sales, explaining that the QR codes can influence customers to buy a certain product. Hopefully, by sharing the company’s commitment to fair trade and organic produce, people will see that they are more than just a food company, but also a socially responsible one. On top of that, they hope that the custom QR codes can encourage people to connect with them on social media.

In short, the custom QR codes are making it easier for people to get to know the company on a whole new level.

Do you think that Wholesum Harvest’s new custom QR code campaign makes sense? Did they do it right? Or do you want to see them try something out of the box? Tell us in the comments!

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