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Who’s In On QR Codes


What a merry Christmas and New Year it’s been for retailers. With cheaper advertising alternatives like QR Codes, sometimes known as 2D barcodes, European retailers were seen and spotted displaying QR Codes on window displays and on some products to help consumers make better decisions. Other retailers decided to make use of the QR Code technology to promote sales via digital coupons and memberships too.

Can’t say we blame them…it’s just way too enticing and exciting at the same time.

The QR Code wave has hit many other countries in the world in Asia and Europe and it is only a matter of time that the wave makes a giant sweep over this side of the world. Advertisers can truly benefit from the cost-saving potential of using QR Codes – one link to the world wide web…maximum potential for a fraction of the cost. The cold reception by US consumers and retailers is not due to close-mindedness. We truly believe that many Americans who has hopped from conventional cell phones to smart phones are more than willing to embrace the concept. The problem with QR Code is that many Americans find using QR Codes a little clumsy and troublesome.

Are we a little lazy? Perhaps. But are we QRious about it. Oh, yes!

‘I think it would be easier if our phones came with a QR Code reader. With my new iPhone, I spent three days tinkling with all types of readers just to find one that could really work. And after that, I spend another half a day, trying to find a good QR Code I could scan and make use of. There aren’t that many to be found here yet, I reckon,’ says Sam Parker, a 32 year old working executive.

Teenagers and young working adults is the general target market because they are usually the first ones to hop onto anything technologically new and exciting. As long as it is fun and new, the kids are usually the first ones to be on it…and then they come home and teach their parents and relatives how to use it.

Brand names targeting the young should benefit a lot more on using QR Codes than brand names that targets the older generation. According to studies, females are more willing to make use of QR Codes than males. However, we shouldn’t be surprised because females are bigger shoppers than males. Considering the fact that a woman is more likely to use a QR Code digital coupon in Starbucks compared to a man, why should we be surprised at all.

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