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Who’s Been Using QR Codes


When all’s been said and done, are we really seeing an uptrend for QR Code usage? Is there really more people moving into the fad? Or are we disillusioning ourselves that they are? The answer is in the facts and numbers – that even if the consumers in the United States are generally more confused than ever when they see the squares on everywhere and everything from now onwards, you can’t deny the fact that Americans are intrigued by the idea of having a link printed onto their magazines and newspapers.

Let’s take a look at who has been using QR Codes, shall we?

For one, there’s, needless to say, two of the biggest brand names in the soft drink category – Coca-Cola and Pepsi both saw the potential and embraced QR Code technology with their marketing campaigns. In the home-care category, we had Speed Stick moving in as well. The Speed Stick campaign which was held in 2009 was a little bit confusing because of how young the technology was to us Americans. I would not doubt the fact that they would have had more leverage today.

Adidas also had one in 2008 the results of which is unknown.

As soon as those in the entertainment industry sniffed up on what the QR Code can do, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will jump into it. Yes, as you may have known, there was a QR Code promotional campaign for ‘CSI’ TV series and also, the marketers for the movie ‘Notorious’ had posters with QR Codes plastered everywhere in bus stops and train stations. That was when people became increasingly curious about that ‘thing’.

In the music scene, we’ve seen Pet Shop Boys promote their song with a funky QR Code and then iCandy books and songs via amazon.com. Lately, in the UK, ‘Grum’ album was promoted with a QR Code campaign all over London. You practically can’t miss it. And who can forget the waves that Lendorff Kaywa scarf made when it was leaked onto the internet, eh?

Not forgetting the travel industry too – there are tourist maps and travel guides already published for many cities in the world and recently, Long Beach joined in the game by placing physically printed QR Codes on signs near tourist destinations.

No future for the QR Code. We think not.

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