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What’s Happening, Art World?


Artists are very difficult to understand, unless you are an artist yourself.  But they can sure be creative.

Here are some of the works of art that is currently being talked about all over the world!

Take for example this building created by Antoni Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujol.  Locally called the House of Bones, Gaudi and Jujol use broken ceramic tiles all over the place.  The roof looks like a dragon flew into it or is resting on it.

If that is not your cup of tea, then take a look at this piece of art right on the sidewalk.

This sidewalk painting and other similar 3D paintings are the work of Kurt Wenner of Michigan.  

Take a look at this piece of mobile art.  Kyle Lambert spent 6 hours to create a portrait of Beyonce on his iPad, using only iPad’s Brushes App. With one finger, he made an exact copy of one of Beyonce’s most popular album cover to date.

Speaking of mobile art, what can be more mobile than a QR code?

Scott Blake has come out with a QR code portrait of Amy Goodman.  Talk about being a fanboy!  Blake not only created a larger than life portrait of Goodman, but he also had each of the 2,034 QR codes resolve to a video of Democracy Now, a program that Goodman hosts.

In effect, Blake gave Goodman the ultimate honor.  Coming up with her portrait and helping to compile nine years of her work!


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