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What QR Code Mean To Local Businesses In Need Of Localized Target


What does 2010 hold for QR Codes based on what we have seen so far? First, we would like to deal with what we see in local newspapers or dailies. Have you seen more of QR Codes in print advertisements, posters, brochures, etc now than in 2008? Do you see and think much about the QR Codes that you see beside a property listing? Are you more informed now than before about how to make use of a QR Code despite the fact that you do not own a smart phone, but in fact, intend to purchase one when your current one quits on you?

It has been said (and it is also a well-known fact) that newspapers make far more money selling the data that they have collected from the advertisements that they run, than they do directly from the ads themselves. The problem with sale of data is that most people purchase it directly from large companies with tens of millions of people who visit them every month. Think along the lines of amazon.com.

You see, the problem with purchasing data from such a site is that it is of little value to small businesses because the numbers are aggregated and they hardly reflect the local community, especially for those who INTEND to target the local community (ie. retail outlets). Let’s face it, what use would it be for a car accessory shop based in Boston if it advertised in a large website with international patronage?

Not much, we would assume.

As we can see from stats, due to the state of unemployment we saw in year 2009, there are more small local businesses than ever before. The unemployed has all come out on their own for survival’s sake, which means that there is a bigger demand for targeted commercials and advertisements.

Here’s where QR Code comes in. Using QR Code, local newspapers can increase their online revenue because of the increased number of small businesses in NEED of localized interactive advertisements. The small businesses need to reach the intended market with a means that is most affordable to them…and not spend an exponential amount of money reaching the other 80% of people who will never get the chance to spend money on the advertiser’s business.

It would be an amazing revenue maker for the local newspapers because with QR Code, someone who was looking for a good eatery can scan, find and then spend money on the advertiser because…well, because it is right there.

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