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What Is QR Code To The Newbie?


We certainly understand the perplexed expression people give us whenever we say we blog, market and develop things based on QR Code technology. So, here’s a little article to get you moving in the right direction.

What is the QR Code and why?

QR Codes has its roots in Japan. In Japan, QR Code technology is already so advanced that people are placing them on cookies, on fish and even on tombstones. It is a more sophisticated version of the conventional barcode that we are using today except that with the conventional barcode, the code contains information that can be read only horizontally. With the QR Code, it holds information both ways. You will need a smart phone or android loaded with a QR Code reader. With the phone’s camera and the QR Code reader, users get to scan the code to find online information or simply messages and data. It is so versatile that it can hold a lot of information within the funny squarish mish-mash.

What are QR Codes being used for?

One of the most exciting things about QR Code is this – we don’t really see a limit for QR Codes. Currently, people are mostly using QR Codes as a form of replacement for tickets, coupons, rosters, schedules, passports, product information, online link to information, etc. Even as you are reading this, you can be sure that someone is already coming up with a new way to use QR Code.

Why advertisers are getting all excited about QR Codes?

The reason why there is a buzz going on in and around the advertising and marketing industry all around the world is because you can literally BRING online information to users rapidly…as in one scan away, instead of having someone type out a long URL, copy a URL down on a piece of paper only to lose it and the interaction ability of the function. We are living in a demanding, fast-paced society whereby things are moving at rapid speed and consumers are demanding, picky and impatient (no offense to anyone here). Hence, advertisers see that this is their chance to bring INSTANT information to consumers to help them make better decisions.

For example, if you saw an advertisement in a magazine ad and there is a QR Code there, you can purchase the bag right off at that precise moment with your mobile phone.

It’s hard for the advertisers to not quiver with delight when they see such an exponential advantage QR Code gives them over those who have yet to embrace the QR Code technology.

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