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It was reported in a study done by a local New York consultancy firm here that QR Codes were simply not delivering and it was not fulfilling its promises and potential when pitched against other conventional media. In as much as we would like to agree with the report, we humbly opine that that the fault belongs to the fact that traditional companies and advertising companies are not using QR Codes to connect to their target market in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Know your customers…yes, before going into the QR Code game train, understand what your customers want, what they like to respond to and how to fulfill their demands when they are on the go. Unlike other push advertising methods, we do wish to remind QR Code campaigners that QR Code marketing is a pull tactic.

Instead of pushing advertisements and commercials that the consumers generally have no control over (like a radio advertisement on air that consumers have no control over…well, unless they switch station or completely turn the radio off or mute it altogether), QR Code pulls them in.

In these cases, QR Codes have to be used in a proper manner because you have to give them A REASON to pull out their mobile phone and scan the code. You need them to take action and for this very reason alone, there ought to be more care and thought put into the campaign.

The report also stated that the 38.6 million smartphone users in the country want something that many companies are not giving – deals and discounts. You see, as a branding and marketing strategy, most companies are focused on attracting the consumers with information, details and promotional stuff…which is fine because if you warn the consumers before they pull out the phone to scan the code, they are forewarned. If there is nothing mentioned about the code and you are using curiosity as the pull tactic, you have better make it worth their time.

Simple things to think about when coming up with your next game plan – improved experience, convenience, savings and fun/creativity. That is what your consumers are generally looking for.

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