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West Berkshire Councils Uses QR Codes for Planning Application Information


In the United Kingdom, the West Berkshire Council is now allowing people to see information on planning applications using QR codes.

Planning applications are necessary if you want to build a house in the UK, or when you want to build anything on land. It is also necessary to apply for planning consent if you want to change the use of the land you own or the buildings on it.

When you get planning permission, you will also get a planning application notice that you would have to display.

The new QR codes are to be included in these application notices, making it easier for people to get to know the full details right there and then.

In West Berkshire, planning applications are often submitted online. Additionally, all the details of any approved and validated planning application is posted on the Council’s Web site. So it is all just a matter of making all these available information accessible to the public.

What easier way to do this than with QR codes?

The QR codes will take people who scan it to an online summary of the planning application. These summaries are optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What’s more, if you need to look into further details, you can easily go back to you QR code scanning app and see the URL of the planning application you have just accessed and get all the necessary details, drawings and information on your desktop computer.

Keith Chopping, an executive member of planning for West Berkshire, says that the QR codes are a great way to make basic planning information available to the public so that they no longer have to write it down or try to memorize the information. Instead, they will be able to see the information they want with the smartphones.

Chopping also adds that this is just one of the ways that the council is embracing technology to share information with their residents.

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