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Well.ca Launches First Canadian Virtual Store


Canada was inspired by Seoul’s Tesco popup virtual store and now they have one of their own.

Being one of the few companies that got inspired by Tesco’s success in launching a pop-up store in the subway in Seoul, South Korea, Well.ca is following suit, believing that this is the future of the shopping industry. Ali Asaria, the founder of the retail outlet said that they found the concept was how people wanted things to be done. Consumers no longer need to rush to the mall after work, drive there and risking the chance of being stuck in rush hour traffic and the concept also eliminates the need for finding parking space and then lugging the groceries back home. He said that with the popup store, the mall or the store can go anywhere with the consumers.

This is the direction that people in the FMG business are going – high-tech gadgets and the internet. It is an amazing new way to reinvent the whole shopping experience which helps shave off cost for these companies. The internet is known to help save millions and billions of dollars sometimes.

And Well.ca is merely one of the companies looking in this marketing strategy. Gap Inc. did the same thing with their online store last year and they successfully made shopping easier, better, more convenient while saving marketing cost and improving the profit margin. These companies also believe that the staff can operate far more efficiently and at the end of the day, build better relationships with their customers.

The skeptics are out on Well.ca’s efforts despite the fact that within the first three hours of launching the popup virtual store, there were already more than a hundred (probably curious) app downloads. And according to eager internet fans, it seems that Well.ca got extra brownie points when Jordan Banks, a representative from Facebook Canadian office, tweeted his excitement about ‘Canada’s first ever virtual store’. That must have garnered quite a bit of attention.

The great thing is that shopping for those commuters had just become easier and more convenient. The downside is that consumers have to first download the app before they can use the QR Codes to shop. This fact alone gave the skeptics some points for argument.

However, suffice to say that downloading an app from anywhere like Google’s (now renamed) Playstore takes SECONDS and another few seconds to install and then open. If the consumers believe enough in buying the stuff, I am sure consumers like you and I won’t mind spending less than a minute to download the app just so that we can get to shop easily.

The shopping landscape has truly changed…how do we know this is so? Well, consider this – more than fifteen percent of online sales are coming in from mobile devices. In a couple of years, I am sure the figure is going to be even more staggering as more people switch to smartphones and tablets.

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