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WeightPlan Uses QR Codes to Give You Your Own Virtual Personal Trainer


Weightplan, a fitness company, has put up QR codes on various exercise machines in different gyms. Dubbed as “Gymcodes,” these QR codes may be found on any piece of fitness equipment. When scanned, these codes call up a video that teaches you how to use the particular equipment you scanned it from. For example, if you want to now how to use the treadmill at the local gym, just scan the Gymcode attached to it.

The codes also work with the Gym Training by Weightplan.com, an iPhone app that gives users fitness instructions, videos and photos. This way, when you scan the QR code, you do not only get to know how the equipment is used, you can also log your workout regimen and weights lifted for your future sessions.

What information do you get from Gymcodes?

When you scan a Gymcode you:

Get a list of exercises that you could do with the equipment that is conveniently sorted by muscle groups targeted for that particular exercises.

Are instructed on how to do these exercise with high quality photos or a short video. You also get a full exercise guide written by professionals.

Log your exercises and analyse results.

As you can see, these Gymcodes have a high potential to make your work out even more effective and lessens the chances for injury you might get from exercising in the wrong way. You get to learn just how to use the exercise machines you have in the gym. It really is just like having your own personal trainer with you.

Get Gymcodes for your gym

If you own or manage a gym and you would want to add these gymcodes to your equipment, you can call Weightplan at +44 (0)203 005 7443. If you go to a gym that do not have gymcodes, you can ask the owner to get these useful codes.

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