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Website Design Best Practices: Top 4 Things Your Customers Wish Your Web Design Would Be


Web design is a mix of science and art. You certainly need top talent to get your layout, graphics, fonts and colors in order, but you also need to know what would please your customers and drive more traffic and business to the site.

So just what are the things that your customers are looking for in your website? Here are the top four:

1. Easy and intuitive navigation.

Your site should make it easy for people to know where they should go next, or where to go if they want particular information. Providing your visitors with good navigation goes beyond having a navigation bar and links to various parts of your site. You should be able to direct their eyes or put your navigation elements where your customers expect them to appear.

2. Perfect on any screen.

Different customers have different browser preferences. One might want to use Google Chrome, while the other uses Mozilla Firefox. On top of this, an individual might visit your site on different devices: computer desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Your site should be designed and tested using different browsers and screen sizes. This is to ensure that your site would show up right on any screen.]

3. Adaptable to change.

Your website should take your user’s experience in mind. If you need to redesign your blog to make it easier to use, then do so. But do not redesign your blog just because you want a new look.

More than this, take things a step at a time. Listen to your visitors if they complain about something on the site. It could be a trivial matter to you, but it could seriously impede your site’s usability.

4. Mind the little things.

The little things can make or break your site. Be sure that you pay attention to the smallest details of your site from the colors used to the fonts and typefaces, to layouts and other stuff. We have previously written about the elements of a good blog design, taken together, all these points would be very helpful to you as you design your website.

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