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WebMan Gets Educated By MoTagGirl On QR Codes


We totally understand that the concept of using the QR Code for simple things in life can be baffling for non-geeks and non-techno freaks. We mean this is a very fond manner….the point is that some people just don’t get it, not because they’re not as bright or that the QR Code is too complex a concept for them; but it is more like the QR Code requires them to step out of their comfort zone.

We’re here to say that using the QR Code does not require anyone to step too far out of their own comfort zone. It’s been made as dummy-proof as possible with the condition that the right reader is installed into the mobile phone. Once the phone is installed with a QR Code reader, you’re well on your way to using these QR Codes.

We’re just explaining the use of QR Codes and how useful they are to the society in general but some others have gone out of their way to create comic characters to explain how QR Codes can bridge the gap between someone’s cyber personality or web presence and their real life.

There was an art exhibition recently, which was called the ‘War of Characters’ held at the Museum Quarter in Vienna. We were not there but received information about the Design Forum, anyway. There was a tip-off about Tagnition’s entry which was termed as ‘interesting’ while some wrestled with themselves, trying to understand the concept of how a square box of blacks and whites could bridge the gap between the digital and real world. It sounded too much like a movie, I guess.

But the interesting thing about the submission is that we’re interested in the fact that someone is actually trying to sum up and explain the whole concept to the world of art about the useful purpose of using QR Codes.

There’s Webman talking to MoTagGirl.

WebMan is, apparently, trying to find a solution that could bridge the real and digital world. MoTagGirl helps solve his problem by explaining the concept of QR Codes.

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