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Ways to simplify your life with QR Codes


There is a never-ending list of creative ideas with which we can implement the use of QR Codes to make our lives easier because even as I am writing this, more and more people are being introduced to the QR Codes technology. There is a dramatic rise in the number of people who replaced their conventional mobile phones with web-enabled ones and iPhones in recent years and most of the new models come with readily-available QR Code scanners.

Here are some ways you can the QR Code system to enhance your life. They’re pretty simple ideas but they work wonders!

Research and buy movie tickets with your mobile phone

Just say you’re walking along in a shopping mall with your friends and you spot a movie poster that looked kind of interesting. You and your friends are decidedly keen on catching the movie and there’s a small QR Code printed at the bottom of the poster. You whip out your mobile phone and scan the QR code. Thereafter, you’re led to a mobile web page showing the movie trailer, music files, wallpaper download featuring the main actors and actresses in the movie; and of course, there will be an option for you to do a simple search to find where the movie is screening near you and the schedule too.

You and your friends decide to watch the movie, so, you log into the account through your mobile phone and book yourself 6 tickets to watch the new movie there and then.

Contests, promotions and links to social networking profile

You’re having coffee with a bunch of friends and a new face emerges. After hanging out with the new friend for a few hours, you find that there’s a lot of things you have in common with the guy. So, you ask ‘Hey, do you have a facebook account?’ and the guy nods. He pulls out his business card and says, “Here’s my business card. The QR Code to my facebook profile is here”. So, you pull out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code and this is where you add this new friend to your list of friends on your Facebook account.

Call for help
You’ve bought this new printer and on it, there’s a QR Code. Three months down the road, the printer starts giving you problems. With your mobile phone, you scan the printer’s QR Codes and you send a report to the manufacturer of the printer. You don’t need to insert or type out any information during the reporting process because it’s all there in the QR Code.

Amazing, isn’t it, how QR Codes can really simplify your life?

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