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For those of you who are fans of catching some action on Youtube, you must have noticed something a little different about the channel. You MUST have. Either that or Youtube is unfairly targeting my geographical region to bombard us with advertisements before loading the videos that we want to watch. Well, to be fair, I have no problems with ads but not when each video is about five minutes long and I have to endure the same advertisement in silence one after another. But like they always say, nothing on earth is ever free. You want to watch a video, watch the ad. So, that’s that.

Going in that direction, did you know that consumers watch a total of 11.3 billion online video ads last month? Yes, 11.3 BILLION. I must have contributed to that figure quite a fair bit, eh? But yes, 11.3 billion is quite a figure because if you are retailer and online business, that kind of eyeball figure is astonishing and is good for business. Just the year before, last year, it was 7.1 billion.

The report noted that most of these videos came from videos loaded from Google sites but my guess is that they are taking into account Youtube figures. The other sites accounted for are Brightroll Video Network and Hulu. Let’s just say that more than half of all Americans saw at least ONE online video ad each…that is a lot but the report stated that each internet user who was browsing for videos online saw, on average, 70 advertisements for the month!


What is surprising is the figure pulled up for Brightroll – more than 1.8 billion ads were seen from the Brightroll platform while Hulu handed out 1.4 billion video ads to internet users during that month. Although Google sites raked in the big figures, Hulu videos saw the ads more frequently. Users of the platform saw at least the same ad twenty times in a month.

As for unique viewers, meaning different persons viewing the same video, the top place would belong to Google sites, of course. After all, the social network holds the record for having more than fifty eight million unique users just in the month of December. There are very few other networks that can challenge that kind of figure, to be honest.

Are you affected by the sudden influx of advertisements on online video content of late? Let us know how you feel about it in the comment box.

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