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Watch The Fireworks Before Purchasing It


Many companies have already caught on with QR Codes in terms of using the technology to show customers how to use their products after they have purchased the item. Case in point would be DIY products that customers need video demos and instructions in order to assemble complicated products. Sometimes, non-hands-on people need more than just printed instructions (hides self) or maybe we are talking about videos of organic products showing customers how to handle them and where they came from. But all of this is ‘after’ the point of purchase.

How about using QR Codes as a pre-purchase demonstration?

The thing with marketers these days is that they are too focused on selling the item, i.e. leading customers to sales pages, online order forms, Youtube video site showing a recent ad or a discount code. How about showing the customers the real deal…how to actually use the product properly when they get home. What this means is that we are bringing the focus of the whole experience back from ‘this would be so good for you because…’ to ‘here’s how this thing works’.

Sort of an IT-driven advertorial, if you like it that way.

It hit the news recently, before July 4th came about, that a small company selling fireworks in Clearfield Utah was using QR Codes to show its customers how the fireworks would turn out before they actually bought it.

Now, fireworks is unique because you do not usually get to see the real thing before you pay for it, burn it and watch it. You would actually have to rely on the description of the sales person or the business owner. And furthermore, it is hard to put into words when one tries to describe firework displays.

The store owner of Fireworks Frenzy, Brian Nelson, was armed with the desire to help his customers make easier and faster decisions when designing their own fireworks display. By scanning the QR Codes, the customers were shown how the actual firework will look like when they are lit. There are already sample videos put up by the manufacturers of the fire display but Nelson put up his own QR Codes and personally recorded videos too, thus, eliminating any doubt that might permeate his customers mind before purchase.

For Nelson, it all began when he was working as a purchase of wholesale fireworks….on a large scale. He knew the trouble people had to go through when trying to remember how the fireworks look; and based on his experience, he decided to implement a QR Code system that simply makes his customers’ lives all that much better.

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