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Washington MO Parks To Get QR Codes


What is the worst thing that you can possibly imagine happening to you when you are out hiking in a park? Getting lost? Being injured and unable to get to someone to help you? Both?


Although hiking alone is not recommended, lots of people do it and while it is considered relative safe in Washington’s park, people DO get lost, twist an ankle or fall off short cliffs. And as we all know it, quality of mobile connection is often times poor so, lost or injured hikers will have no way to contacting the outside world or authorities who can help.

A gift to the residents and visitors alike

Looks like things are going to change for Washington, MO when their 175th birthday arrives in 2014 because city authorities are planning many great things involving mobile technology for the parks, which includes making Wifi connection available throughout the park which means that hikers will now have a way to get connected to people who can help them. This, for your information is an on-going project that will roll out over the next few years. Committee members are still procuring price projections and funding based on ideas that are pouring in from residents.

Committee members were asked to submit their ideas and the members will then pursue feasible ideas and roll them out slowly, and this project will be sort of a gift to the residents and people who regularly use the park, said committee co-chairman, Joe Schneider.

Looking for ideas

Some of the members came up with the idea of placing QR Codes along trails and other park areas. The QR Code will lead visitors to a mobile web page where they will learn more about the park, historical sites and also interesting attractions in the park and around the city. The possibilities are endless. In fact, mobile users can view images and videos of content of their choice.

This effort is not unique to only Washington MO, many other parks in other parts of the country are doing the same thing, seeing that it was not expensive to do but also is a very useful feature to have for residents and visitors alike.

Events to roll out slowly

Schneider is asking for people who have ideas and suggestions to contact him and his co-chairperson, Nadine Feltmann and in the meantime, the committee are putting together another meeting, a parade and possibly a gala in the near future.

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