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Want a Successful Mobile Campaign? Educate Your Customers!


The future is mobile.

Just how many times have you heard about that? How many times have you read it? Yet there is some degree of truth into it.

With smartphones becoming more and more popular, and mobile broadband becoming increasingly faster, more and more people are using their smartphones to surf the Internet. They are using their phones to find your restaurant or store. But most importantly, they are using their phones to know more about your products and services and find information that would help them decide whether to buy or not.

This is the reality, and when you say that the future is mobile, it may not mean a very distant future at all. Even right now, mobile campaigns are exhibiting high levels of return on investment.

What’s more, there are a lot of tools coming out that are making mobile campaigns much more intuitive and easy to use. QR codes and near-field communication technology are prime examples of these.

Because of these two technologies, a poster, flyer or a business card can now help direct people to an online video, your website and just about anything that you want. Your printed marketing materials is now linked to your online marketing efforts.

So how do you ensure that your mobile campaigns are successful? Educate your customers! Remember that for some of your customers, these are relatively new technologies. They may not know what their smartphones can do. Some of them may not even recognize a QR code or an NFC tag.

Educating your customers does not need to be a complex matter. For example, when running a QR code campaign, you might need to explain what a QR code is, how to use a smartphone to scan it and what they could get from scanning it. With NFC, you might want to tell them the benefits of tapping an NFC-enabled phone to your smart tag.

When running a mobile marketing campaign, these instructions are very valuable and could spell the difference between a successful run or a disappointing one.

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