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Volvo Launches C70 With QR Code Campaign In Europe


As part of a major marketing campaign in Europe, Volvo, one of the largest and most reputable car manufacturers known to the automobile industry have launched a QR Code marketing crusade in a valiant effort to use the technology to capture untapped market.

Volvo is launching a new pan-European campaign for their C70 car model and the campaign is aptly named the ‘Ice White’ Campaign. We strongly suspect this new campaign is in direct response to the current state of our economy. After all, what would cheaper and effective than using a rather cheap and interactive way to communicate and connect with the potential buyers than this?

With many of their print advertisements splashed all over European-focused magazines and newspapers, consumers can download interesting content into their mobile phones. The ‘content’ that I am talking about is all about the new C70 model. The advertisements have appeared in many top European car magazines so far, which includes but not limited to MSN website, Whatcar?, Autotrader, etc. Even if the mobile users don’t eventually purchase a Volvo car in the immediate future, there are two benefits to this QR Code campaign that I can see.

One, it shows that Volvo, as a brand and company, is an ever evolving one…one that changes with times. As far as I know, there are very few automobile companies (let’s not get into Japan here because we know that they use QR codes for literally everything over there) who uses QR Codes to market themselves. Two, they get insider input about what people think of the new models, of which, the data is priceless.

Consumers are generally quite happy and enthusiastic about accepting this new concept and even the marketing people behind this new Volvo QR Code ad campaign contends that this exercise will help spread a new message and create bigger brand awareness amongst car enthusiasts. It shows that the company is keen on acting in the best interest of their customers.

The QR code campaign, says the representatives behind the campaign, will bring people to showrooms and encourage downloading of their brochures into mobile phones. In a way, they are turning the consumers into walking, talking advertisements themselves.

Let’s see the kind of headway this QR Code marketing campaign can do to a giant car manufacturer in Europe before we gauge the response we can expect from the people in the United States.

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