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Volvo Includes QR Codes On Trucks


QR Code technology was born in the auto industry in Japan more than a decade ago and it heartens me to hear that the automobile industry right here in the United States is finally seeing some benefits to using QR Codes to identify and maybe speed up future processes. From April onwards, all Volvo and Mack trucks are going to come all prepped up with their own QR Code on the driver’s side door.

There are those skeptical ones who may wonder what a QR Code can do for the vehicle so the manufacturer went on to demonstrate how to use the QR Code during the Technology and Maintenance Council Meeting which went on in Nashville recently. This is to help people understand how the QR Code can speed up and eliminate some tedious processes.

In layman terms, the QR Code will serve as a record-keeper. Just like a hospital or a government health agency has the ability to log in your ID into a system and then retrieve your previous health records from a pool of data, the QR Code will reveal to workshop workers or distributors the make, model, history and previous works done to the car, truck, forklift and other vehicles. The unique-to-the-vehicle QR Code is said to have the ability to summon up the VIN number. The process eliminates the process of communicating and finding records of the vehicle’s history. What is more important is that the ‘records’ is kept updated so that other people who scan the QR Code will get an updated and complete record.

Conal Deedy, the product marketing manager for Volvo, explained that a Volvo customer can simply drop their truck off at the workshop at night and the next day, the service providers, without the need of asking the owner or user of the truck, will instantly know what to do with the truck.

Volvo ran a test-drive QR Code for the Saia model trucks and so far, they have been receiving very encouraging response because at the point of the report, there has been more than twelve thousand record entries that was done via the QR Code. Due to the positive response, Volvo decided to include the same type of QR Code mechanism for the trailers and forklifts that the company produces.

One might be asking how this will benefit the end-user? How about reducing the number of out-of-service days? I bet that could mean a lot because saving time, more often than not, means reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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