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VoIP Service Made Easy With QR Code


Conferencing over VoIP service accounts is one of the most convenient ways of staying in touch with people at work when you are overseas or simply somewhere else. Using the internet, discussions can be held almost anywhere in the world. But one of the most cumbersome things about using a VoIP service account is the setting up.

Belgium’s Zoiper IAX and SIP have, however, launched a softphone that lets Android and iPhone use their free mobile apps to speak over the internet too! What is different about this system when compared to other instant messaging and VoIP protocols is that setting up is a merely scan of the phone. Therefore, instead of having to go over a series of complicated setting up, the user scans a code which has been encoded with the users’ information, and the system is up and ready for us. It is, indeed, a very creative new feature.

I can only imagine regular users of VoIP services breathe a sigh of relief because this is the ultimate way of signing in and it has conveniently removed the cumbersomeness of the whole process. To the end-user, the self-provisioning single-tap requirement is heaven-sent.

According to reports, there is a button on the softphone that users can tap which will load up a screen that says QR Code scan mode. In this mode, the system scans the code and everything is ready to roll. The scan results in instant retrieval of account information and all other details that it needs.

Accordingly too, the system not only allows for convenient usage but it also simplified and automates customer management too.

Automated control of user data information has, in so far as we can tell, was the biggest challenge for ISPs. Granted, there were many improvements made to help make usage of VoIP services easier but they have not managed to remove the need to manually enter personal account details whenever they needed to use VoIP. It was cumbersome, some had lamented.

With the QR Code, the information needed for logging on becomes automatic. This service is free of charge to the end-user because all they need to do is to scan the code. After all, the reason behind improving and introducing this new feature is customer retention. Service providers and other corporations are expected to be charged a nominal and reasonable fee.

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