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Virtual Liking In The Offline World


Facebook…has really conquered the world. We heard from the grapevine that it has become even easier (previously, we thought it was impossible to be even more simple than a push of the mouse button) to like something on Facebook – it comes in the form of a service called Likify.

The QR Code, when scanned, automatically updates your facebook, informing others that you gave something (a page) a big thumbs up.

To use the service, all you need is the URL of the page that you intend for people to like, and maybe a logo (for companies). As with all their other endeavors, Nike is never too far behind as far as technology is concerned. It is not hard to see why, Nike supporters belong to the tech-savvy group of consumers who are always on the go, excited about brands and new things.

Nike’s latest effort involves promoting a running campaign in Antwerp, Belgium. A QR Code was generated and then placed on Nike outlets. Those who walked past get to read more about the run and if they wished to, pull out their smart phones, load the QR Code reader, point the camera at the QR Code and simply click scan. This action automatically tells others that they liked the said Nike running campaign.

QR Codes is so versatile that it will not change a thing if you included a picture or a logo into the QR Code but it needs to be delicately and professionally done so as to not affect the function of the code.

For doubters who wondered (before) if QR Code would ever take off over here in the United States, this must have taken them by surprise. Many Americans, when they found out about Japan using QR Codes in their everyday lives, thought that the technology would stay in Japan or it would quickly faze out.

Turns out, this is not to be the case. At the pace that it is growing, the real world will no longer be offline. Everything, thanks to mobile phones and QR Codes, will be quite online.

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