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Virtual Groceries with QR Codes



Need some groceries to restock your ref but hate the long lines at the supermarket?

If you were in South Korea, then you would love the Tesco QR code experiment over there.

The European retailing chain has just debuted its virtual supermarket that makes use of pictures and QR codes.  Looking at it, you would think that you were standing in front of a real supermarket shelf only that each product has a QR code.

The virtual supermarket is located inside a subway station.  That’s another plus if you are in a hurry to get to work or get home, but still need to buy baby formula or food and drinks for dinner.  Or you could while away the time until the train arrives.


The process is easy too.  Scan the QR code to add that particular item to your shopping cart and then check out.  When you get home, wait for the goods to be delivered.

A YouTube video explains the process in more detail:


While Tesco’s aim is to build a virtual supermarket to augment its operations, this groceries on the go scheme may have far wider implications for advertisers.

Right now, most QR code campaigns take scanners to a mobile site where people could learn more about the products.  Few brands have adopted the option to let their customers buy using a QR code.  This kind of QR code campaign allows people to buy the item outright.

Just imagine having these QR codes at the airport.  Having just arrived in a new city, there are posters for car rentals and hotels.  One scan and you are able to book a car or a room.  Or perhaps, you’d love a cup of coffee on-the-go.  You just scan a QR code, and your coffee will be waiting for you piping hot and ready to be picked up at the nearest Starbucks outlet.

Do you have any more ideas where products on-the-go can truly become on-the-go?


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