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Video Access From Red Wings Today Program


Even the Detroit Red Wings are beginning to get the whole QR Code thing. Recently, the NHL team decided to work QR Codes into their ads too, promoting their games and players. During the games, inside the arena, the Wings usually hand out a program called the Red Wings Today program and it has always been a hit with the fans.

The team decided to break out of tradition when they saw how incredibly interactive their program sheets can be if they did what Esquire did with Augmented Reality, combine that with the increasing number of QR Codes being seen in magazines and newspaper these days.

The promotion party for the team knows that it is clearly experimental but it is really turning out to be one of the best things they have done to traditional print media. When the QR Code was first handed out, even the team was surprised by the number of their fans that actually scanned the code and watched the following video.

The team should extend their thanks out to the Red Wings social networking experts, namely Nicole Yelland. It surprised us that the NHL team’s got one, actually. What they have done to the program is to print the QR Code which acts as an immediate call for action, saying ‘Smartphone interactive, scan here’. Once again, it is curiosity at work here. For those who have a QR Code with them, they get curious and start scanning and watching. Others with smart phones might even feel inclined to do the same instead of merely waiting for the game to start or making small talk with strangers.

The team found that there is a whopping twenty-two percent of their fans who watches videos and download stuff from the internet on-the-go. Naturally, they are incredibly excited with this new technology because it will give them bigger access to their fans. Now, they can move forward, share things with their fans even when they are strapped to the seat in their cars.

What can we expect from the Red Wings in the future? The marketing people are looking forward to creating more videos (like the one above) including providing an advertising avenue for sponsors and advertisers.

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