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Vancouver Plans to Use QR Codes for Better Pay Parking System


All motorists and car owners know how difficult and frustrating it is to find a free space in a crowded parking lot. Not to mention time-consuming. Paying the parking fee can be a hassle as well. This is why the City of Vancouver in Canada has thought of a way to make pay parking easier for people who drive.

The city acknowledges that an ever-growing number of people are using their mobile phones these days to feed parking meters. This is why it is looking into being able to improve its pay-by-phone system to accommodate more advanced technology and to give drivers more convenience.

More specifically, Vancouver is now considering using quick response codes and Google Maps in order to improve its pay parking system.

According to Transportation Director Jerry Dobrovolny, Vancouver residents will be able to pay for parking through their mobile phone simply by clicking a button. Smartphone users can simply snap a picture of a QR code displayed on the meter, and the data will be entered for them, so that the system knows exactly where they are.

Aside from being a convenient payment process, this system will also help drivers find free parking spots.

Dobrovolny explains that they are also looking for an opportunity for their ‘smart meters’ – which are equipped with the technology and cell phone communication – to show up in Google to let drivers know where the vacant parking spaces are within the city..

Moreover, the system not only brings convenience to drivers or motorists, but it also takes load off city workers. Workers who are in charge of collecting parking payments have to deal and process coins on a daily basis. But with this new system, everyone will be able to move away from coins and loose change.

The city’s contract for its current parking system will end in October. Thus, staff are now trying to find the right company to work on the technical improvements. The city hopes to implement this new QR coded system by next year, if thing go as planned.

Vancouver, however, is not the first city to use this QR code parking system. It is already being used in certain towns, cities and communities in different parts of the globe, including Montgomery County, right outside Washington D.C.

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