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Vampires Bite Into QR Codes


After much success with the launch and use of QR Codes for L.A. Candy, it looks like HarperCollins is hooked on promoting their children and teen books with QR Codes. If you recall, HarperCollins used QR Codes to promote L.A. Candy by giving cell phone users access to videos and an exclusive online preview of the book.

QR Codes were printed prominently on the jacket cover of the book. The print company thinks that it’s not only an effective way to integrate technology with traditional printing, it’s cool too. And when something is cool, kids and teens are bound to be all over it.

The QR Codes for L.A. Candy were not only printed on the books itself, they were used very effective during parties launched by the company in an effort to promote the book and it drove throngs of teenagers to harperteen.com. It’s all about the buzz, says a representative of the company.

Now, moving onto their next big slamdunk, HarperCollins is ready to use the same technique to promote the already-popular Vampire Diaries Series, which is an incredible hit with teenagers. Teens have been mowing down doors to get their hands on vampire-themed books like Twilight and Vampire Diaries and the company created postcards with QR Code and handing them out at the promotion at Comic-Con – pretty much the same way they promoted L.A. Candy.

The tricky part about being gung-ho about using QR Codes as part of a promotion and marketing game plan is finding partners and co-promoters who not only knows but believes that the technology ties in well with traditional print media. Promotion of more grown-up books (like sci-fi, romance, chic-lit and self-help) using QR Codes is being explored very carefully with the release of Superfreakonomics.

For this book, QR Codes will lead interested readers into a mobile website with videos, interactive quiz and exclusive content as well. The release of Superfreakonomics is slotted for the end of this month.

We’ve noted that the company isn’t particularly concerned about how much the teenagers and readers know about QR Codes. It’s all about creating a buzz and once a group of them are using it, other teenagers will pick up on it and start spreading the message.

We think it’s smart to leverage on that!

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