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Using Your Phone’s Casing as a Business Card


By now, most people in developing and developed countries are using a smartphone. Considering the fact that the cost of smartphone these days have dropped to an all-time affordable level, there is really very few reasons NOT to own a smartphone. Anyway, how has this affected the world when it comes to QR Code usage? Lots.

Just heard from the grapevine that there is a company that has come up with personalized smartphone casing with printed QR Code on it. When the QR Code is scanned with a QR Code reader, it reveals the very same details that your business card carries! What does it mean to everyday folks like you and me? It means that in the very near future, if this trend continues to build traction, we may no longer need to print new business cards.

In the next few years, when we meet up with new people and want to exchange contact information, just flash the back of your smartphone at them!

There are very few bad things about this idea but one of the cons of using the smartphone as a business card is that everyone…and I mean ANYONE, will have access to your personal information. Even people you do not want to exchange the info with, unless you make it a point to hide the QR Code when in the company of….unpleasant people.

The good thing, however, lets say one was to lose their smartphone and a good Samaritan finds it, instead of having to rummage through your personal contact list or browse through your latest phone call logs and SMSes (makes me shiver just to think about this), all he or she needs to do is to scan the QR Code to get in touch with you via alternative methods…like business phone number, email or even Skype if you have loaded the information into the QR Code. And that isn’t all, if Twitter and Facebook details are included into the QR Code, they can message you instantly on those social networks too in the case of lost phones.

With the many different phone sizes out there in the market, I am wondering how these companies are going to deal with supply, size and design. In dealing with phone size issues, I am thinking that perhaps it would be better to design your own QR Code with free QR Code designers like our free QR Code creation tool, printing it out on a transparent sticker and sticking it onto our phone casing ourselves. It might not look as funky as the pastel colored phone casing but it seems more practical.

We would love to hear what you think about that. Personalized phone casing vs. DIY QR Code stickers?

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