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Using QR Codes to Promote Yourself



QR codes have proven itself when it comes to promoting businesses and brands.   But little has been said about promoting a person’s experience, skills and ingenuity using QR codes.

Here’s how you could use QR codes for enhancing your personal image.

1. QR code business cards.  Probably the most often talked about suggestion in using QR codes for enhancing your personal brand, QR code business cards help you give the impression that you are out to give your customers, colleagues and acquaintances convenience and transparency.  You are not limited by the small space of your business card, instead you give them the chance to get to know you fully on your own personal blog or social media accounts.  You can choose to put in information that is not only strictly business, but personal too.

2.QR code resumes.  Just recently, people have been talking about Victor Petit’s QR code resume.  Petit has been trying to land an internship with a communication agency.  His idea of attaching a QR code to a picture printed behind his paper resume.

When the recruiter scans this QR code, which was posted where his mouth should have been, they are taken to a video of the mouth  talking about himself and everything he wanted the recruiter to know about him.

A QR code resume definitely helps you stand out from all the other resumes recruiters and employers have on file.  It also makes your resume more memorable, so that even if there’s no position fit for you right now, recruiters could easily remember you when one becomes open in the future.

3. Gain trust with a QR code.  Whether you are in real estate, sales and marketing or in other similar positions, it would make sense to put out a QR code for your own personal use somewhere.  Real estate agents, for instance, could put up a QR code on their signs, which would take prospective home buyers to a video of the agent giving them a virtual tour of the property.  

It’s basic human nature that you do not instantly trust anybody you’ve never met or seen in person, so it is worthwhile to give them a glimpse of yourself or your personality via a creatively placed QR code.


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  1. Christopher Burgess May 14, 2011, 9:56 am

    Very nice articulation of how QR codes could be used

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