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Using QR Codes for Your To-Do Lists?


Geeks all over the world love the LifeHacker blog for its simple tips that appeal to their love for technology. In a recent tip from LifeHacker Australia, Adam Dachis suggested that you should have more fun with your to-do list by using QR codes with them.

Dachis’ suggestion is simple: put all your tasks behind a QR code. One QR code for each task.

You can use color to sort your tasks. For example, you could use red for work, blue for personal stuff, green for fun stuff, so on and so forth. Additionally, you could also use colors to sort out the most important tasks that need to be completed first.

This way, when you have the time to do some work, you simply have to get a QR code and scan it with your smartphone. It could be completely random as well, wherein you just use one color for all of your QR codes and pick one for your to do not knowing what task it is.

You can either throw these QR codes away once you have completed the task, or keep them to serve as visual reminders of what you have already done.

We at BeQRious love QR codes, but this could be a way of complicating things beyond usefulness. The point of QR codes is to make things easier and simpler. A to-do task list often have items that are just a few lines or a paragraph long at most. It does not make sense to us to go through the trouble of creating a QR code for each of these tasks when you could simply list it all down on paper.

Of course, if you are looking to add some fun to your otherwise boring and mundane tasks, this might be a good idea. Or if you simply do not know where to start. It could also prove useful if you have a list of tasks that you do not want other people to see and read by chance.

Do you think this use of QR code is a good one? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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