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Using QR Code For Charity


If we could use QR codes to promote a product or solidify a brand, there is surely a way to use QR Codes for humanitarian purposes. The world is not just about technological advances, it’s also about evolving in a positive way as human beings too.

And that is the very basis that Francisco Guijarro and Daniel Pradilla had when they started Alma DDB, a quite popular advertising agency which is going to be featured at the Future Lions competition in Cannes from the 20th to the 26th June 2010. The concept is based on the coupon system which we find intriguing. Fantastic that they could put such a nice spin to it.

Imagine if homeless people were given a card with a QR Code on it. The card can be used to redeem food like a reward card. Instead of handing cash over to authorities or charitable organizations, donors can donate directly to a specific homeless person by transferring money via a debit system. When the donor transfers the money into the homeless person’s account, it is automatically loaded into the system. Hence, the donor can use the points for food, shelter, medication, clothes, etc.

If this idea comes into fruition, what will see is a big change – more people are willing to part with their money for the sake of mankind. Many people are reluctant to make donations because they are basically afraid that the money would end up being used on drugs and other vices. We do want to help them but not in THAT way…not in a way that could cause more harm to them and to the society.

With the QR Code system in place, the worries and anxiety of the donors are erased because the credit within the QR Code reward system can only be used for necessities like clothes, food and drinks, shelter and other basic necessities. Because we are privileged with jobs, businesses, and technologies like QR Code, they do not. While we traverse in our holidays, good food, wining and dining, they slog through every day wondering if they are going to wake up healthy and alive tomorrow morning. While we waste our food, they cry themselves to sleep out of hunger.

If this project comes true, we are sure that more people are willing to give to the society.

Just imagine….QR Code for humanity. Using technology to bridge social ranks.

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