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Using Graphics to Give Out Numbers and Statistics


The most tedious content to read on your computer or mobile phone screen is numbers. No matter how interesting a study is, most people would probably skim past the part where numbers are mentioned.

Using graphics to share statistics is a good idea to make sure that people easily understands what you are trying to impart. What’s more, it’s a good way to highlight what’s really important and significant. If you have a business that regularly churns out studies and you report on it on your website, consider using graphics, or infographics as they are more widely known.

Here are four tips to creating wonderful inforgraphics:

1. Use the graphic to tell a story.

Create eye-catching graphics to complement the information you want to give out. Present your data and numbers as graphics, the best way you can!

2. Don’t just create a chart laden graphic.

There are a lot of ways to be creative with your data. Resist the temptation to just display a chart, a pie chart or bar graphs. This is something that you could easily do with Excel or any other program readily available online.

3. Graphics to tells a mean story.

If you want to make your company’s history more interesting, try to create a graphic timeline, instead of just spewing out dates and historical facts about your company.

4. Use typography wisely.

Sometimes, even with only text your infographics can still stand out and make your data more interesting.

Using different fonts and different colors, you can easily create great infographic such as this:

Remember that infographics and your website’s graphics need to be out-of-the-box. Be creative and use great fonts, images and colors to tell your story.

Graphics should help you tell your story easily, and your visitors should be able to understand what you want to convey in just a glance. Preferably, without reading through copious amounts of text.

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