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Using Custom QR Codes to Help Defeat Counterfeit Products

qr codes against fakes

The proliferation of counterfeit products is a huge problem for manufacturers. A CBS News article relates that 2.5 million containers arrive yearly at the Port of New York and New Jersey alone, containing nothing but counterfeit goods. These counterfeit items equate to multi-billion losses to the legitimate manufacturers. The CBS News report also says that in 2011, more than a billion dollars of counterfeit goods were seized by the customs.

So how are you going to fight counterfeit products? You might take a look at custom QR codes. Like serial numbers, custom QR codes can be placed on each of your products. It is very easy to create a QR code, not to mention the fact that you can do so for free, or at least at minimum costs. There are also services that can incorporate your logo or any other image into your QR codes to make it more difficult to copy.

The presence of a QR code might not be enough deterrent, though. You could tell your customers not to buy a product without the QR code, but you should also create a system where buyers can check if they bought a real product or not, and if they were tricked into buying fake products, how they could report the seller.

These custom QR codes, when scanned, would take the buyers to a special Web site where they could register the product they bought. If it is counterfeit, they would be informed about it.

This way, the buyer might be protected if the bag, shoes or other products that he or she bought was counterfeit. It would also help if you could get information on where they bought the goods and how they could return them.

Better yet, have these QR codes on hand so that people could scan them BEFORE they make a purchase. This will help you prevent the sale of counterfeit goods and can help you identify where the fake versions of your products are being sold.

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