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Useful Tips On Using Online Social Networking Accounts


‘You can run but you can’t hide’ someone just said this to my question about how important it is for businesses to have an online social networking account. By far, we have concluded as much that a website is inevitable. A company without a website is considered backward these days. But what about a social networking account like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and such? Is it crucial to have one now?

Hence, the friend’s answer – it is only a matter of time. 

Indeed, Mashable wrote a piece of article about how to plump up your resume with online social accounts and I feel that the same thing should be done for companies. 

Being transparent. One of the biggest reasons for companies to start up their own Facebook page and also a LinkedIn page is so that they are more transparent. Consumers or even corporate affiliates like it better when everything is out in the open instead of resisting the huge technological tidal wave. This is particularly true for new start-ups. Consumers may have heard about you but winning brownie points with a Facebook page means winning new customers. 

With those online social networking accounts, you can stay more connected to the people, you get to interact with them by conducting polls, asking them for reviews and also help others make a more informed decision. 

These features make Facebook slightly more interactive than Twitter but there are many other ways that Twitter rocks too.

The more you talk, the more you get. Interaction, as I have mentioned above, is key to everything nowadays. People are connected to the internet everywhere that they go – on their phones, laptops and now even tablets! It is, indeed, hard to find someone who is not connected to the internet when on the go. When it comes to interaction, Twitter is an amazing tool. Every time you tweet something out into the cyber world, you are not only reminding your consumers about your products and services but you can use twitter to respond to others who are not your followers; thereby converting them into your future customer. 

For instance, after logging into your account, make a search on Twitter with your preferred keywords. For example, you sell ladies clothing. Use the keyword ‘fashion website Washington DC’ to find people who are looking for or talking about clothing stores in town and once you find them, tweet or mention them in your tweet to get their attention. Although the task is tedious, it needs to be done and if done correctly, it could totally rock your business!

So, go ahead and give it shot and let me know how it worked for you. If you need more advice about how to use Facebook and/or Twitter, maybe we can share some ideas here too. 


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