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Use QR Codes To Help Tourists


One of the things about heading to a country in Asia is the language barrier. True enough, many people in Asian countries, especially the younger generation, have long been exposed to books, internet, films and television series with English as base. And they have all pretty much smartened up to the language. Some of the best writers, in fact, come from Asian countries.

But if you are talking about countries like China, Korea or Japan, there might be a bit of a language problem there. The language that they speak there is pretty unique to their own culture and country. So, if you head over to a country like China, you would need to know a little bit of mandarin to get by…or at least, you would need an interpreter to read the sign boards or a guide.

How about if you could get your hands on a fantastic guide book in English that listed all the fantastic tourist destinations, restaurants and shopping malls in the country. If you don’t know how to get there, there is a QR Code that you can scan with your cell phone, access information, location, map, address, details, and also telephone number of the place? And then all you need to do is to show the cab driver where you want to go. Perfect, wouldn’t it?

In Japan, there is already such a book although it is currently limited to just showing us famous Japanese restaurants in and around Tsuruga. In it, you will find pictures, short description and also a QR Code that links you to a website that describes the restaurant, the food they serve and the ambiance that you can expect. It’s fantastic!

Imagine if the local councils here in the United States took a project like that and placed the said brochure for sale in airports and bookstores. We are pretty sure, even if it isn’t right now, the guide books will be instantly snapped up.

The up side to coming up with something like this is that you need minimal space. Most of the content that you want to put will already be in the online link that you will be providing. And besides, you don’t need to change the information in the book at all. If the location of the company changed, you change the details on the website without needing to reprint the book and owners of the book continue to enjoy using the book over prolonged period of time.

It really is a win-win situation.

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